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Stories with Powerpoint December 14, 2009

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With enormous thanks to Bev Evans I downloaded her Nativity powerpoint storymaker and decided to give it a try out with the Nuture Group this afternoon. The children, a mixture of Year 3 and 4, took to it like ducks to water and had no problems accessing the program. They particularly enjoyed seeing their stories in ‘big screen’ and were able to re-edit their work instantly on seeing their errors.

Megan nativity


It’s Christmas (for me!) December 9, 2009

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Our new ICT suite was handed over today! There are 30 workstations – plenty of room and wonderful air conditioning!  To test drive the suite I chose some Year 6 children. They all thought the suite was fantatsic – I had better get the display boards finished now!! The official opening is in January but I might just have to test drive it some more before then!!


Wonderful Wordle! December 5, 2009

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Here are some of the Christmas cards that Year 3 children have made using wordle – I just love the ‘WoW’ factor when the wordle cloud appears on the screen fopr the first time.


Trying out Ript

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After hearing on Twitter about the fantastic program, ript I just knew that I had to try it out with some of my classes. Enter Year 6! After introducing them to the wonders of the song ’12 Days of Christmas’  I let them loose to search for images  and come up with a cover design for a Christmas card. As ript saves as a jpg this would be an easy task to import into publisher.

The children loved the activity and enjoyed dragging clipart onto the ript ‘pile’. Oh….and all this was done in the space of 30 minutes as we had a Carol concert rehearsal to contend with as well!


Christmas is nearly here! November 29, 2009

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Whilst planning on Friday I suddenly came to the realisation that there were only 3 weeks to go in School before the break up for Christmas. As I only see the children once a week for ICT I know I needed to step up to the Christmas card and calendar making activities mark this week!  After following my ‘Twitter’ friends for a while a couple of new( to me) programs were being mentioned frequently namely – wordle and ript. Time to get these programs into action!

I thought to use Wordle as a header for a calendar in Year 2. The children would use their typing skills – and wonderful use of the ‘shift’ key …..ahem – to type in the months of the year and choose how they would want them to look on the page. Example below:

Year 2 calendar 2010

Using ript the UKS2 children, hopefully, will search for images around the 12 days of Christmas and arrange them into a ript page. This can then be saved as a jpg and inserted into a greeting card template in publisher. We will see how that goes on Wednesday!